Physician Information

Physician Information

Steroids are no longer the #1 choice of leading hemorrhoid experts!

Welcome to CRC Pharmacy, your compounding resource for hemorrhoid, anal fissure and anal itching medications

Our Solution

CRC Pharmacy has a variety of custom compounds to help you treat your patients with hemorrhoids, anal fissures and itching.

  • These new ointments are a miracle
    Patient MB
  • A satisfied pregnant patient
    Dr. GS
  • Two thumbs up! Five stars! Works like a charm! I've had two "doses" of it and felt a million times better after the first time.
    Patient AE
  • Wow, what a relief. No surgery for me
    Patient SM
  • Thank you CRC pharmacy. Your ointment works great. It's the old me again.
    Patient GM
  • I wish my Doctor had given me Nitroglycerin ointment instead of those expensive steroids that did nothing
    Patient AD
  • I want the world to know how great these compound are
    patient SF
  • I can't believe how fast Nitroglycerin ointmnent worked
    Patient DB

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